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Absolutely wonderful. Rachel found all the problem spots and smoothed away the pain. After a massage, my energy soars and I feel wonderful for at least a couple of days. I highly recommend Rachel. Jo Kinnaird - self-employed

Since I've completed the coaching course, my whole life has shifted to a new level - from my beliefs and perception of myself to my actions, nutrition and exercise. Thank you Rachel for helping me take that step in the right direction. Peter Gerrard - marketing manager

I have thoroughly enjoyed Rachel's wellbeing programme. Rachel is a fantastic mentor who has guided me every step of the way in my personal journey in creating a healthy relationship with myself and food. She inspired me to lead a healthier lifestyle. I am bursting with energy and excitement to pursue my dreams. Susan Jenkins - IT consultant

The massage was blissfully relaxing. Really needed after a busy week. The tension has gone. Looking forward to the next session. Panos Panagou - catering

Thank you Rachel. My sore muscles were completely relaxed and I feel rejuvenated by your amazing healing abilities! Shawn Mullaney -

Rachel is professional and knowledgeable, her natural warmth and friendly nature shines through her teaching as well as her love for all things holistic. Lisa Goddard - sales

Very relaxing and beneficial for my body. With each treatment, my muscles are getting more and more relaxed. I feel wonderful. Thank you Rachel. Mrs A Mohamoodali - teacher

The treatments are very relaxing and professional. Rachel released lots of tension from my body and the stress from my mind. Guy Graham - accountant

Each time my body felt relaxed instantly. I feel refreshed after the massages. Ivi Kagea - shop assistant

I needed massage to pamper myself and relax. I really enjoyed it. I still feel great days after your treatment. Thank you Rachel. Lucy Winrow - sales

My job is quite physically demanding and often puts strain on my lower back and shoulders. All the massages so far have been superb! Very relaxing, though deep and getting right into the problem areas. The pain disappears by the end of the sessions and I have much deeper sleep. M. Mitchell - landscaping

Excellent massage with oil blends to suit your mood. Makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed or invigorated and energised depending on how you want to feel. Can’t wait to go back for more. Emily Phillips

Very relaxing experience. Really needed it. The tension in my whole body has gone. Richard Doyle -

Really nice massages, very enjoyable, relaxing and calming. Simply brilliant! Aimee Wallis - bird rescue manager

I had several treatments with Rachel. Each time I felt quite alive and rejuvenated, in fact I even feel younger. My sleep is always much deeper after a massage. Joice Trotter - retired

My job is quite stressful, working in an office, sitting most of the time. I had very frequent headaches and almost constant upper back pain. The massages with Rachel are truly relaxing. I always feel so relaxed that almost go to asleep. After my first massage, I had a very deep sleep for the first time in ages. My back feels so much better after several weekly treatments. My headaches are very rare now and instead of taking paracetamol, I drink a few extra glasses of water and do some simple exercises. Thank you so much Rachel. Joseph Nathan - marketing manager

Lovely relaxing experience with beautiful soothing music and essential oils. Good balance of gentle and firm pressure as needed. Anna Stewart - music teacher

Very professional and relaxing. Eased off the tension in my back. Thank you Rachel. John Guthrie - retired

Really lovely, relaxing and soothing experience. Edna Brooks - manager

Rachel's treatment was very relaxing, uplifting and much needed. I am looking forward to the next one. Audrey Mutch -



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