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CREATE A RAW-SOME LIFE - live healthy with raw vegan food

This 3-hour workshop is full of inspiration, information, motivation and demonstrations

It can be the start of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

I will share with you the amazing potential of living foods, delighting you with mouth-watering healthy dishes. You will learn how to prepare simple nutritious fresh raw food that is delicious, gives you energy and balances your weight.

The workshops are friendly, fun and relaxed and you will meet other like-minded people.

You will leave with:

  • Motivation to give your body the healthy environment it needs to restore itself naturally
  • Skills and confidence to prepare easy and delicious plant-based meals
  • Practical ways to purchase and store organic raw vegan foods
  • Reconnection with the seasons and your environment.
  • Knowledge of the vegetables that you can grow for yourself in this country
  • Notes and useful links to get you started

The food in this workshop is gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free and contains no meat, eggs or artificial preservatives.

After the workshop you have the opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious three-course meal made out of organic living foods. The investment in your health is 3 hours and £50.

I also run informal "treat yourself" parties with demonstrations, ready prepared delicious things to taste and to take away. If you wish I can also include simple exercises and relaxing holistic treatments. Please feel free to contact me if you want to have a special healthy party with your friends in your home.

Private "cooking" lessons and personalised wellbeing sessions are also available.

THE EMPOWERED YOU - Create the life of your dreams from a place of personal power 

In this one day workshop for women you will:

  • bust the myths about women's roles
  • release unconscious blocks that stop you from speaking your truth
  • discover your natural strengths, talents and passions
  • create a vision for the life you want for yourself
  • discover practical steps and ideas to start your journey to true empowerment
  • find out what Feminine Power really mean
  • and a lot more...

If you need help on a difficult issue, which you don't want to discuss during the workshop, please contact Rachel for a private coaching session.

INVITING THE ONE - attract true intimate love and make it flourish over time

Tired from learning through emotional pain?

Had enough of conflicts, break ups, tears?

Ready to flourish in a conscious supportive co-creative relationship?

Whether you are searching for The One or you are in a relationship that isn't working the way you want, this workshop may have the answers for you.

You will learn how to:

get ready for True Love

how to invite the partner of your dreams

how to nourish your intimate relationship and make it flourish over time

how to communicate and listen with your heart

and a lot more ... :

If you need help on a relationship issue, which you don't want to discuss during the workshop, please contact Rachel for a private coaching session.

MOVEMENT IS LIFE - keeping your body healthy and strong through regular simple exercises. A 1.5-hour collaboration of simple exercises for flexibility, muscle toning, inner organs strengthening, and building up energy. We finish with a lovely body and mind relaxing meditation.

Private sessions are available.


MAKE THAT CHANGE - Breakthrough weekend retreat to reset your buttons and make the shift from a life stuck in old habits to a purposeful life based on freedom, creative expression, health and wellbeing.


The venues are around Bracknell Forest.

Please book in advance because spaces are limited.

For more information and to book, please contact Rachel

enquiries@sakura-wellbeing.com and 07905 176 290



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